Power is used for several tasks in Year 0 such as speeding up unit transfer times and moving them once they arrive. Unlike Resources Power cant be harvested but can be acquired in other ways which are listed below along with a list of whats its used for.

How to Acquire Power?Edit

Recharge itEdit

Power can be regenerated in several different ways which i have listed here:

  • Power will recharge at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes. As far as I'm aware this is currently fixed and can't be improved.
  • You can convert Energy into Power at a rate of 1 to 1. For more information on how to get Energy head over to they Energy page.

Increase your maximum capacityEdit

You cant increase the recharge speed of Power but you can increase how much of it you can store. The base amount you can store at any time is 30 but you can improve this is several different ways which i have listed here:Edit

  • Capture specific territory's: Some territory's grant you increased Power capacity and these tend to be the territory's based in city's. They typically increase it by one or two but Command Bunkers will net you around 6 bonus Power. To check how much Power a territory will give you just select it on the map and click info.
  • Build Power plants: These can be built on Harvested Bedrock by scavengers and increase your maximum Power capacity by a varying amount depending on the map. These currently cost 1000 Resources to build and obstruct flying and larger ground units. For more information on power plants and other Buildable Structures please head over to the Buildable Structures page.

What to use if for?Edit

Decrease unit travel timesEdit

To do this simply go to a territory and click army. Then select the unit you wish to fast travel and they will instantly arrive at their destination. The conversion rate for this is 1 power for .........

Analyse new unitsEdit

You use Power to analyse new units for you to build. The cost vary's from unit to unit and changes depending if you have a wreck of that unit or not. For more specific information visit the units specific page on the wiki.

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