Energy is used for several tasks in Year 0 such as speeding up unit manufacturing or refilling your power. Unlike Resources and Power it doesn't recharge and can't be harvested. They only way to acquire it is to do certain tasks or buy it. Below is a list of different ways to get energy as well as what its used for.

How to Acquire Energy?Edit

Buy it with real world moneyEdit

To buy Energy click on they Energy or Resource counters at the top of the window or you can click "Shop" which is located above the game on the navigation bar. The only method of payment currently available is PayPal. Below are the different bundles available:

500 Energy: £2.99 / $4.49 / €3.48

1000 Energy: £5.99 / $8.99 / €6.99

2500 Energy: £13.99 / $20.99 / €15.99

5000 Energy: £26.99 / $40.99 / €31.99

Help a friendEdit

When you assist someone from your friends list in taking a territory you are rewarded with Energy equal to the support value of that territory.

What to spend it on?Edit

Speed up unit build/repair timesEdit

You can use Energy to instantly finish building or repairing a unit. The conversion rate for this is 1 Energy for 5 minutes. For example if i had an APC which is going to take 1 hour to repair it will cost me 12 Energy to do it instantly.

Unit UpgradesEdit

Energy is used to research the upgrades for units. The cost of each upgrade can be found on the units stat page on the wiki.


You can turn Energy into Power on a 1:1 conversion basis. To do this click on your Power counter (the battery in the top left) and click yes.

Buy ResourcesEdit

To buy Energy using Resources follow the same steps used above. Below are the different bundles available:

1000 Resources: 50 Energy

5000 Resources: 250 Energy

10000 Resources: 500 Energy

20000 Resources: 1000 Energy

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